In an effort to offer members improved opportunities to learn and to grow, Toastmasters has rolled out a new education program and learning management system. Updates are being released in the TOASTMASTER magazine and are posted at the Toastmasters International website.

The Toastmasters International development team is focused on establishing an improved foundation to the education program and enhancing the fundamental member experience and relevant learning.

Reach Your Potential The Member Experience is still the center of our learning system. The Pathways Learning Experience is a journey with paths, possibilities and personal potential.

Getting Started:

Each member will complete a needs assessment to assist in choosing what path best meets the desired goals for their own personal learning experience.

Base Camp:

Your online Home Base for the program. At Base Camp you will find:

► Projects, Resources, Transcripts, Tips, Tools, and Your Assessment.

► This site is also where the club Base Camp Managers (Club President, Vice President Education and Club Secretary) will track and approve each member’s progress.

Pathways Learning Experience Training:

Training will be delivered through E-learning modules. Local district training was delivered by Pathways Guides (a new role).

A list of frequently asked questions is posted on the Toastmasters International website

The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience represents a paradigm shift in how members can interact with the education program because they will have a choice. The educational materials that support the program will be available both in print and online; however, the online experience will be richer with the availability of video, tutorials, interactivity and online tracking.

Pathways Learning Experience Program Materials: The Board reviewed the costs for the new program and approved a pricing strategy that will launch in parallel with the rollout of Pathways:

  • New members pay a one-time $20.00 fee that includes:
    • First path
  • Members who choose to purchase a printed copy of their path will be charged a $25.00 fee (all materials are DOWNLOADABLE FROM BASE CAMP FREE OF CHARGE)
  • The cost for each new path is $20.00
  • Current members will receive their first path at no cost

For more information, Contact the District 56 Pathways Chief Ambassador
Pamela McCown, DTM, PID [email protected]



For information on DTM Mentors send an email to the Program Quality Director:  [email protected]


For information on Speech Craft send an email to the Program Quality Director:  [email protected]


Stage Time is a program that offers newer Toastmasters the chance to get experience speaking outside their home clubs and learning from the perspectives of different evaluators. Plus, it helps Vice-Presidents of Education inject variety into club meetings or fill vacant speaking and evaluation roles. With over 4,000 members at 202 clubs, there are abundant opportunities to host visiting speakers and evaluators or gain experience speaking and evaluating at another club.

Here’s how it works

Members – If you would like the experience of speaking or evaluating at another club, simply apply to visit a host club on the Stage Time web page – Share the experience with a friend and sign up together. Indicate whether you want to deliver or evaluate a speech, identify the speech project, and provide contact information. Submit your request and you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.

Members must be in good standing with Toastmasters International. Speakers must have completed 3 projects in the Competent Communicator manual. Evaluators must have delivered at least 3 evaluations at their home club.

Clubs– If you are a club that would like to host visiting speakers or evaluators, complete the information under Create a New Opening. Submit your request and you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours

To participate in this program:
Click here for the Stage Time Brochure
E-mail us at: [email protected]