DTM Awards

Distinguished Toastmasters

The following toastmasters achieved Distinguished Toastmaster between July 1st – November 1st

Division Area Member Name
R 62 Ballow, Janis Kay Speakers Connection
N 25 Beesley, Don L. Cane Island Path Blazers Toastmasters
R 60 Betancourt, Jose A. Pensadores Northwest
Q 54 Boyd, Sally A. Spirited Speech Masters
Q 50 Caesar, Larry Determined To Master Speaking
M 31 Chang, Kevin Ray TACL Club
O 12 Charney, Carolyn Jean Dining Out Toastmasters Club
N 25 Duncan, Amy J. Katy Toastmasters Club
L 42 Fornea, George W. 1960 North Houston Club
N 23 Freeman, Daniela Park 10 Talkers Toastmasters Club
O 13 Garner, Tamesia Lucille Pathway of Professional Speakers TM
R 60 Garza, Victor O. Pensadores Northwest
P 2 Idoux, Jo A. JSC Toastmasters Club
M 31 Johnson, Robert M. Missouri City Toastmasters Club
Q 54 Jones, Doug Medically Speaking Toastmasters Club
P 4 McMorris, Autry M. Mid-Pearland Toastmasters
R 65 Mercer, Nancy A. Cy-Fair Super Speakers Club
P 4 Nicosia, Ralph Mid-Pearland Toastmasters
Q 53 Noe, Becky Big Red Toastmasters
O 14 Patel, Amish B. Word Doctors Toastmasters Club
M 35 Poscovsky, Janice S. Sweet Talkers
N 22 Rivera, Raul Mente Abierta
P 4 Shipp, Zenia E. Young Professionals Southeast Toastmasters
Q 54 Siwak, Doris R. Medically Speaking Toastmasters Club
O 13 Stengel, Kimberly A. Pathway of Professional Speakers TM
O 11 Stephens, Elizabeth American General Toastmasters
Q 52 Tantillo, Andrea Timmons Talkers
N 22 Traylor, Samantha Honeywell Toastmasters Club
P 4 Walker, Kim Marie West Pearland Toastmasters