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 Local Successes!

Kelli Laube

Sweet Talkers #1903819
Sugar Land, TX

Watch this video to see how Kelli overcame her fear of Public Speaking.

Tracey Peterson

Pasadena Toastmasters #1526840
Pasadena, TX

Charles Danna

Cy-Fair Super Speakers Club #5916
Cypress, TX

I joined Toastmasters for the same reason many people do: to gain more confidence speaking in front of groups.

My boss put me in charge of safety for our company, a commercial general contractor. I had no knowledge of safety in our industry and no experience speaking in front of groups. I was so nervous about doing my first presentation time that I almost had to call in sick. It was obvious I needed help.

The first thing I did was search for a Toastmasters club. I picked up an application on my first visit and joined the very next week. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Initially, I didn’t realize Toastmasters is designed to teach leadership skills. The skills I’ve learned by completing the Competent Leadership manual has helped me become a better leader in many areas of my life. An example was recently when I volunteered to be the Foreman of a jury I was part of. It was an opportunity to put my leadership skills to use in the courtroom.

Without a doubt, Toastmasters has helped me gain more confidence speaking in front of groups. Completing the Competent Communicator manual taught me enough skills to have a good foundation to speak in front of groups. I look forward to working in the advanced manuals and increasing my knowledge of public speaking.

There’s not a better club around for anyone wanting to become a better speaker and leader than Toastmasters.

Amudha valli Narasimhan

Senior Process Engineer
Bechtel Icebreakers Toastmasters Club #909593

I joined toastmasters to overcome fear and nervousness especially during technical presentations. I have given a number of technical presentations, but I never enjoyed doing it. I believed that Toastmasters would be an ideal choice to improve on not only my speaking skills but also my leadership skills.

I am very proud to acknowledge that Bechtel Ice Breakers Toastmasters club has given much more than what I hoped for. This club has not only made me overcome my fear and nervousness during a presentation, but also drives me to enjoy each and every speech I deliver may it be a technical one or a non-technical speech. It has given me the confidence to talk to anyone or a group at any time, took away all my hesitations, made me a good planner, taught me to be punctual and also effectively manage time. All of these personal improvements made me feel that I have tremendous control on everything and the club gave me a never before wonderful attitude towards life.

My achievements are completing my CL manual and am just one speech away from completing my CC manual. I have participated in various contests and won 2nd and 3rd prizes at the club and area levels, which has improved my confidence remarkably.

I have given two technical presentations this year, first at an International chemical engineering conference, “AIChE” and another at Bechtel office for the process group. And every time without any fear or nervousness! I take immense pleasure in paying back to my club by serving as the public relations officer at our club this year.

York Zhang


Cy-Fair Super Speakers Club #5916
Cypress, TX

You only have to be a Toastmaster for a short time to realize that Toastmasters can help you grow personally and professionally.

I joined Cy-Fair Super Speakers in November 2013 when my supervisor recommended that I do so as part of my career development plan. In retrospect this was arguably the best decision I have ever made in the past 5 years.

During the past 8 months I discovered that Toastmasters is more than just meetings, speeches and conferences. The skills we learn transfer into our personal and professional lives as well. One of the achievements I received as a result of becoming a proud toastmaster club member was a long awaited promotion.

I was recently promoted to lead a global team implementing an integrated business planning process for a $500M business. One reason why I did not get promoted to this position before was that I needed to develop to become a “vocal leader”. Joining toastmasters club definitely helped me close the gap in just a few months. More importantly, it showed to the company that I am committed to improve myself professionally.

Donna Stevenson


Coastal Island Toastmasters #7366
Galveston, TX

After a life-long career in the Trust Division of a major bank, I suddenly found myself “misplaced” by the newly degreed Trust professionals entering the field. Although I had many years of experience, the competition presented by those with new degrees caused me to unwillingly fade into the background of the trust industry. Where I had once hoped that I could excel and advance in my career, I found myself now “unwanted” and no longer a desirable employee – – as I had once dreamed my later years would enjoy.

I expressed my frustration and sadness at the stalling of my career to a fellow Toastmaster, James Rankin. He was a member of my local Club. We had known each other for many years and also competed against each other in many Toastmaster contests.

James answered, “I have a job for you! I have seen you communicate at Toastmasters, and you can do this. Come help me in the Marketing Division of the company I work for.” With that, I jumped into this new field, and did not look back. James was my mentor and teacher. He offered his wonderful communication skills as a Toastmaster and showed me a new world that I did not know existed.

As a result, after one year of study and dedication, I have been able to use my Toastmaster skills to enable me to assist with marketing ideas, Webinars, presentations, and one on one coaching. I talk to over one hundred (100) brokers weekly on domestic and international business. I assist James in his outstanding marketing efforts, and the two of us make quite a team!

Who knew? Toastmasters would be the key to unlock my undiscovered potential. As a result, I am a happy employee – – feeling “wanted” and encouraged to grow and learn more communication skills. Thank you, Toastmasters! You have restored my hope and let me dream again that my current job absolutely defines WHO I AM to the world – – with much pride – – I am a Competent Communicator!

 Maritza Ortega


Cy-Fair Super Speakers Club #5916
Cypress, TX

Today was one of those “Aha Moments” for me. I gave a presentation at a Real Estate office and felt so comfortable and confident that made me realize how much I have grown with Toastmasters.

Before I joined Toastmasters, my mind couldn’t even consider the idea of standing in front of an audience to speak.

When I decided to start my own business I did not realize that part of marketing my services was going to be giving presentations. I just thought that I couldn’t; that public speaking was simply not for me.

I joined Toastmasters hoping to achieve just that and I immediately started learning tricks and techniques that helped me every time that I had to stand up during networking events to give my 30 second commercial.

I have grown and learned tremendously in Toastmasters and when I look back, I cannot believed how much I’ve accomplished! I have now given multiple presentations with confidence and have an MCE Class that I teach to Real Estate Agents.

This is a Journey and I am looking forward to enjoying as I move forward with Toastmasters.

Subhash Kale


Principle Process Engineer
Bechtel Icebreakers Toastmasters Club #909593

I have been with Toastmasters since I joined this company about a year and half ago. Prior to that I was in the Toastmasters club at my previous company for over a year.

Toastmasters has certainly helped to hone in on my public speaking skills in technical as well as non-technical areas. These came in really handy when I was to deliver a Toast at my only daughter’s wedding on November 1 this year in front of about 350 guests. It went off fairly well (even without someone flashing blue/yellow and red lights in front of me to indicate the time).

I started my speech saying that in one wedding, the bride’s father spoke for over an hour during his daughter’s wedding reception and that I was going to break that record. By the way, I did mention that one of the reasons I joined Toastmasters was just for that special occasion. I did fairly well in terms of the length of the speech and received rave reviews for it. My wife’s niece said she was even counting my Ahs and uhms and could not find any. My engineering manager, who was present in the audience, asked if I mentioned Toastmasters as a joke. I told him it was not and I did indeed belong to Bechtel Icebreakers Club.

Thank you Toastmasters and hopefully I inspired some in the audience to join the Toastmasters International.

Eric Melchor


Talking Bull Toastmasters Club #8607

4 years ago I attended my first Toastmasters meeting in an effort to build my confidence in public speaking. I had the good fortune of studying some of the best speakers I have ever seen. Jo Simpson who possesses the art of being able to talk ‘off the cuff’. Pat London who is always bright and optimistic in her approach. David Bell who’s energy and charisma is unparalleled. Studying these masters helped me successfully launch a kid’s health program unlike any other that exists today.

Studies suggest that there is a positive relationship between exercise and academic performance. Beyond just grades and test scores current research connects physical activity to lower absenteeism, drop-out rates, and improved social connections.

What I have recently done is develop a simple solution to combat childhood obesity, increase self-motivation in kids, and engage students. The initiative is ‘FLY Movement’ which allows children to voluntarily wear fitness bands that track movement. 3rd graders participate in a fun and friendly competition using fitness bands to earn points. The class with the highest points wins a prize.

While an organization may have the best product or service in the market, it can’t exist without clients. So in order to launch Fly Movement, I first had to present to school principals and persuade them to allow me to launch it in their schools. Each meeting I had with these school officials was an opportunity to apply everything I had learned from Toastmasters. It’s because of the years I spent learning, studying, and practicing my speaking skills that allow me to walk into meetings with the fullest confidence in myself and about my program.

To my mentors and all other Toastmaster mentors that help build confidence in beginners like me, thank you.

Michelle Perzan

Katy Toastmasters Club, #2755Michelle Perzan
Katy, TX

I joined Toastmasters in February 2014 because I was new to the area and my mentor encouraged me to join so I could become a more confident speaker. At the end of February 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my “Icebreaker” speech in March let the whole club know.

Because of Toastmasters, I have been picked to speak at my yearly Ambitious Womens Conference and last year I even won the perseverance award! In between all of my surgeries, I competed in the Evaluations Contest and I made it all the way to Division where I came in 2nd Place!

What an amazing experience that was!

My goal was to finish my Competent Leader Manual within a year and I accomplished that in February 2015, which included me being a contest chair, and stepping up for the role of VPPR for my club!

Toastmasters has been a bright spot in my life the past year when I have undergone many surgeries and procedures. It has increased my confidence and brought me out of my shell!

I’m looking forward to much more growth with this club, feeling very blessed to be a part of it!

Sarah Carothers

Texas Trotters ToastmastersSarah_TV.6-croppped
Club #4037

Without a doubt, one of the most gratifying experiences I have had in my Toastmasters journey was my opportunity to serve the organization as an Ambassador last year at the 2014 International Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It was my experience there, witnessing the organizations brightest leaders at work, being dedicated to the tasks at hand, and everyone being helpful to one another and empowering all in attendance to be able to get the most out of the Conference itself.  It was truly the Toastmasters International Brand Personality—Leaders, Dedicated, Helpful, Empowering, at its best.

My greatest strength is my ability to connect with people, period. After establishing a connection, I am then better able to communicate effectively with them and my enthusiasm helps me to motivate them.

With District 56 helping hundreds of men and women of every ethnicity, education level and profession through its network of clubs each week, it is vitally important that we have the necessary skills to help them build their competence in communication so they can gain the confidence to lead others.

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